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What Is The Principle Of LCD Screen Digitizer Display?

What is the principle of LCD Screen Digitizer display?
LCD Screen Digitizer is a classification of LCD modules. TFT is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Transistor", also known as "true color", LCD Screen Digitizer belongs to the active matrix LCD Screen Digitizer, which is composed of thin film transistor screen, each of its liquid crystal pixels are by the thin film transistor To drive, so you can do high-speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information. Each pixel has four independent thin film transistors behind the pixels to send color light, can display 24bit color depth of true color. In the resolution, the LCD Screen Digitizer can reach UXGA (1600 × 1200). To
 TFT arrangement has a memory, so the current will not immediately return to the original state, thereby improving the STN LCD flashing and blurring shortcomings, effectively improve the LCD Screen Digitizer display dynamic picture effect, the ability to display static images More prominent, the advantages of LCD Screen Digitizer is the response time is shorter than the effect, and colorful; and LCD Screen Digitizer is the disadvantage of more power, and the cost is relatively high.
With the progress of society, the continuous upgrading of products, LCD Screen Digitizer applications are more broad. It is widely used in a numerical control equipment, 3D printing and other equipment above.
How to clean the LCD Screen Digitizer
    LCD Screen Digitizer use for some time, you will find the display will often adsorb a layer of dust (turn off the back to see more obvious), and sometimes will carelessly adhere to a variety of water stains, which will greatly affect the visual effects, How to clean it?
    ① Turn off the power and remove the power cord plug and the video cable plug.
    ② will move to a better place for natural light, so that you can see where the dust, more conducive to targeted, so as to achieve better cleaning results.
    ③ clean LCD Screen Digitizer does not require any special solution or cloth, experience tells us that the water + soft lint-free cloth or cotton lint-free cloth is the best LCD Screen Digitizer cleaning tools ( The In the clean available cotton no cashmere
Cloth dipped in water and then a little wring dry, and then slightly wet soft lint-free cloth on the dust on the display gently wipe (do not force the squeeze the screen), wipe recommended from the side of the display to the other side until the whole Wipe clean so far, do not indiscriminately waving
Tip: not hard cloth, hard paper wipe. At the same time do not use alcohol or acetone containing cleaning fluid or chemical composition of the cleaning agent, but can not directly spray the liquid to the screen, so as not to penetrate into the protective film liquid.
    ④ with a softer soft damp cloth clean finished LCD Screen Digitizer, you can use a screw to dry the wet cloth and then clean once. Finally in the ventilation room so that the water on the LCD Screen Digitizer can be naturally dry air.
Other maintenance and maintenance points
    (1) to avoid vibration. The LCD Screen Digitizer is very fragile, to avoid the strong impact and vibration. Not to put pressure on the LCD Screen Digitizer or in the display back cover on the collision, squeeze.
    (2) to avoid prolonged use of the screen. Long-term work is not a good thing, if not in the time, be sure to turn off the monitor power. The same token, when used to be careful with wallpaper and screensavers. Most of the wallpaper and screensaver programs
Surface are colorful, light changes in light and dark contrast, long time will make the use of color distortion, thus affecting the life of the display. Therefore, in the use of the best use of monochrome screen and cancel the screen saver.
    (3) anti-electromagnetic interference. Whether it is CRT or LCD Screen Digitizer are far away from the magnetic field strong objects, surrounded by a strong magnetic field will produce an additional voltage inside the display, thus affecting the stability of the display voltage. For a long time in a strong magnetic field