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When Using The LCD Screen Digitizer Should Pay Attention To Twelve Things

LCD Screen Digitizer When using the LCD screen digitizer should pay attention to the following twelve things:

  First, the LCD screen digitizer glass surface is the touch surface, that is, product front.

  Second, the LCD screen digitizer part of the glass products, glass corner is more sharp, with the assembly when the gloves / finger sets

  Third, the LCD screen digitizer part of the glass fragile goods, assembly do not impose a strong impact on the LCD screen digitizer.

  Fourth, to avoid the direct take the wire to pick up the LCD screen digitizer, to avoid the pull-out parts have pulled action.

  Fifth, the lead-out reinforcement plate can not be bent.

  Sixth, any part of the lead wire is not allowed to fold the phenomenon.

  Seventh, the lead wire in the assembly, the level must be inserted, not in the reinforcement plate root fold inserted.

  Eighth, take the product to be single-chip operation, gently, to avoid collision with each other and scratch the product surface.

  Ninth, clean the product surface, please use soft cloth (deerskin) dipped in petroleum ether wipe.

  LCD Screen Digitizer Tenth, do not use corrosive organic solvents to wipe the LCD screen digitizer surface. Such as industrial alcohol.

  Eleventh, do not stack the LCD screen digitizer, use the tray.

  Twelfth, in the assembly design and border design, please note the following:

  A. The pillars of the frame of the fixed LCD screen digitizer must be outside the visible area of the LCD screen digitizer.

  B. The frame edge shall be outside the operating area of the LCD screen digitizer, and the frame edge can not be operated in the visual area to the operating area.

  C. It is recommended to fix the touch screen material as a plastic material, touch the front part of the LCD screen with a soft material.

  D. Do not use corrosive adhesives on the surface of the LCD screen digitizer